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Santa Barbara Harbor / West Beach Rentals

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Interested in renting a Kayak or SUP in Santa Barbara? Come stand up paddle or kayak at our downtown location. This is the newest beach rental stand in Santa Barbara located on the sand just to the right of the pier. Easy entry into the water with a kayak or sup as there are no waves to battle from this location making it easy and fun for the entire family. The best part, you can get to the open ocean if you like within minutes and to the buoys that are always covered with seals.

You can walk up and rent 7 days a week from 10am-4pm. Stand up paddle board rentals and kayak rentals come with a paddle and pfd. We do have a couple spring suits/wetsuits on hand at this location as well. If you'd like to rent a single kayak, tandem kayak, or SUP in the harbor before 10am we can open the stand earlier; just give us a call. For kayak tours or Stand up paddle lessons you can book online or call/email to schedule. Due to this kayak and SUP rental site being so central you can have an outstanding morning or afternoon on the water and just walk to many great restaurants and bars afterward.

What's Offered?

- Single Kayak Rentals
- Tandem Kayak Rentals
- SUP Rentals

Kayak rentals and Stand up paddle rentals are available on an hourly basis or you can rent all day. Call to reserve or book online below.

Summer Group Kayak Tour (Weekends Only)
santa barbara group harbor kayak tour

When: Saturdays & Sundays, 10am
Tour Length: 1.5-2 hours
Distance: 2 miles approx.
Difficulty: Easy

Description: The Harbor Kayak Tour is a calm leisurely paddle through Santa Barbara's beautiful waters. We'll paddle in and out of the harbor passing all the onlookers from the pier and out to a buoy with some local seals. We'll return by passing under the pier. There's a lot to see in the harbor and our guides will be sure to point out some of the more interesting things you'll be passing. This kayaking tour in Santa Barbara has one of the best views of the city and the mountains that enclose it. This is the perfect Santa Barbara kayaking experience for all levels as entry into the water is very easy as there are no waves but we can typically find some thrilling areas for those a little more adventurous. Come enjoy the best group kayak tour in Santa Barbara!

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Hourly Single Kayak Rental $25 / one hour
$40 / two hours
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Hourly Tandem Kayak Rental $35 / one hour
$50 / two hours
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Hourly SUP Rental $25 / one hour
$40 / two hours
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Group Kayak Tour $50 / two hours
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